Tuesday, 20 December 2016

                                               WHAT I LIKE ABOUT
                                                        GETTIN WINTER BREAK

On winter break we don't have no school and i get to sleep in.
and i def don't like the snow but other than that i get to spend
time with family and open present and eat christmas dinner.
And listen to vybz kartel
song ~ christmas time.
And just watch tv and play video games right through my winter break.
And party.

GAZA MI SEH #freeworldboss
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 nah sell out di gaza
VYBZ KARTEL (playlist)---- go listen

-coloring this life
-hey addi

Monday, 19 December 2016

My name is Danrick Powell.

I was born and raised in Jamaica.

I lived in Philadelphia for 1 year now
*10 Things I  Like About Thanks Giving
 1. I like coming together with the fam.
 2. I love the potato salad
 3. I like the mini burgers
 4. I

                                                 How I spent my ThanksGiving

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

                                      What I do for my 3 day

Over my 3 day break i went to the homeless shelter with my bro jahaad. We was fed dried bread for the 3 days. We went to powerhouse and had to peek through holes to see the show.
The struggle is Real Man. All y'all out there in big warm houses while me and my bro sleep on park slides and face the cold front.
My friend Samierah decided she was gonna put me up until i'm str8. So thats how my 3 day break was.

                                THE END

Monday, 17 October 2016

                                                         curry chicken

  • I eat curry chicken 
  •  The quality of the food was good. It was rich in taste and in flavor
  • The chicken is cut small
  • $10.00 a plate

I eat curry chicken when i'm at home cause my Mom be cooking it for me 

The mean is a Caribbean Dish and it doesn't represent nothing it's just a popular food that is cooked 

Monday, 10 October 2016

  1. I'm Jamaican
  2. I Play Soccer
  3. I know how to do a back flip
  4. I know how to cook 
  5. I love Caribbean food
  6. I know how to drive
  7. I like to curse